Evryn won me over by its ambition, invention,

and strong narrative...”

Winner of the 2022 Ampersand Award for Prose

“The thought has never occured to me that I have any real power.”

On the tiny island of Kenozaria, where women hold power, Evryn Korina—the chief's eldest daughter—is not what her mother hoped she would become. But when a new, formidable enemy threatens her culture and home, Evryn must choose between staying in her mother's shadow or embracing her latent power. With the help of an unlikely ally and the guidance of her ancestors, Evryn must learn to connect with her intuition and her fellow women to harness her inner strength and save her people.

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Evryn, the Light

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The World of

“Chronicles of Kenozaria”

Delve into Evryn and Lukin’s world


The island of Kenozaria is a lush garden of emerald and pine, set in a sea of sapphire waters. At the heart of the island stands the majestic Mount Zaria, a peak of pure white granite, rising above the other mountains like a beacon. It is here, among the trees, that the spirits of the ancestors are said to dwell. The mighty River Keno bestows its riches upon the earth and all the creatures that call Kenozaria home. Its abundance sustains the land, nourishing the soil and providing sustenance for both man and beast.

Nestled between the river and the mountain, Kenozaria village serves as the seat of the Sanctum—the small council of women elders who govern life on the island. It is here that the great Chief Korina Freya resides with her children, upholding the ancient customs that have been passed down through generations of women.

Kenozaria is a land of breathtaking beauty and profound spirituality, where the natural world and the ancient customs of its people intertwine in a delicate dance. It is a place where the whispers of the ancestors echo through the forests, and the rivers flow with the wisdom of ages past.


Branngard, a nation located northwest of Kenozaria, is characterized by its rugged terrain and limited fertile soil, posing challenges for its inhabitants to sustain themselves.

At the heart of Branngard's governance is the Torch of Branngard, the highest authority in the land, who speaks on behalf of Rhys, the one true god. The capital, Rhys Domus, is a bustling city of thousands. It serves as the seat of the Torch's court, where the holy relic known as Rhysvox, containing the wisdom bestowed upon the Torches of Branngard, is kept and read exclusively by the Torch.

Branngardians, known as "the keepers of the flame," are a resilient and devout people, taking great pride in proclaiming the might, glory, and majesty of Rhys and the Torch of Branngard. They are dedicated to spreading the fame and renown of their god and his spokesperson far and wide.

Marriage and family hold significant importance in Branngardian society, with a strong emphasis on upholding the rights of husbands and fathers in safeguarding their wives and children. Adhering to a strict social and economic structure, the people of Branngard strive to preserve their traditions and way of life.

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