Ask the Waves Why

Caroline Rush-Soliman has her shit together, and she doesn't depend on anyone—not since her high school sweetheart died, leaving her to raise her daughter alone in a new, cut-throat city at just 19 years old. Now, two decades later, with a successful writing career and the comfort, fame, and relative wealth to go with it, Caroline has finally found peace, or something like it. But one phone call on a lazy Saturday morning plunges her back into the deep ocean of sorrow she fought to escape, forcing her to face the ghosts of her past and finally decide, once and for all, if she will make peace with the waves.

Evryn, the Light

Winner of the 2023 Ampersand Award for Prose

On the tiny island of Kenozaria, women are in charge. Evryn Korina—the chief's eldest daughter—is not what her mother hoped she would become. But when a new, formidable enemy threatens to annihilate her people, her culture, and her homeland, Evryn must choose between staying in her mother's shadow or embracing her latent power.

"Evryn won me over by its ambition, invention, and strong narrative..."

- Scott Russell Sanders, author of Small Marvels and The Way of Imagination

Things That Shatter

Winner of the 2019 Daybreak Press Book Award for Best Memoir 

A story of abuse, survival, escape, and rebuilding, Things That Shatter is a "superbly written... honest, gritty... page-turner…”

Interview for Prairie Fire

In Summer 2023, Kaighla sat down with Tinisha Shade-Spain to discuss the experience of writing her memoir, Things That Shatter


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