35 Lessons in 35 Years…

Upon beginning the thirty-sixth year of my life, I endeavored to set out a clear view of my values, a set of guiding principles to help me move forward into the new phase of my life.

In late 2021, my children were all between the ages of seven and thirteen, meaning I was well beyond their formative years and now had the responsibility of working to remedy what I had gotten wrong in the first place.

I was also on the tail-end of a multi-year process of deconstructing Islam and coming to terms with just how badly I’d been damaged by my decade as a Muslim, as well as the still leftover damage from my years as an evangelical Christian before I was Muslim.

Having recovered from my second divorce and subsequent year of desperately seeking a replacement to assuage my pain, I was working through a time of intentional singledom and processing what it may look like for me to find (or not find) a partner at the end of my fertile years.

This book is a compilation of those guiding values, a manifesto of the thirty-five most important lessons I’d learned in the first thirty-five years of my life. It is my genuine hope that you are able to apply what works for you and toss the rest into the fire.

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